Day 366 – Joyful Living Project

Revealing What ‘s Hidden Have you ever had one of those days or weeks where everything seems to go wrong? Your computer crashes, you have a fight with a friend, a work client gets angry over a misunderstanding, you have car problems, you come down with an unexpected illness, you lose your phone… You wonder, […]

Day 359 – Joyful Living Project

The Joy of Perspectives When I woke up this morning, I had no idea I would experience so much joy today! I learned from a wise nine-year-old boy as well as his vibrant 80-year-old great-grandparents. And the dynamic exchanges between the generations (a span of over 70 years!) were particularly beautiful. We started the day […]

Day 342 – Joyful Living Project

The Joy of the Unexpected When I woke up to my first day in Philadelphia this morning, I had no idea of the joy that was about to unfold. My friend Kerri took me and her dogs for a walk in the park. (She has two beautiful Bernese Mountain dogs.) During our conversation, she suggested […]

Day 337 – Joyful Living Project

The Joy of Savoring How often do you sit down for a meal and then scarf down your food in minutes? In addition to nourishing our body, food nourishes our soul when we take a moment to really appreciate it. Savoring a meal gives us an opportunity to connect with all of our senses: smell, […]

Day 336 – Joyful Living Project

The Simplest Joys Though Cuba may offer some of the most stunning scenery you’ll ever see—classic cars, colorful buildings, rolling hills, dramatic mountain ranges, epic sunsets, stunning beaches—I find that the most beautiful aspect of Cuba is its people. Even with all of the challenges and hardships they face, they are resilient and they share […]

Day 334 – Joyful Living Project

Unexpected Joyful Detour Almost a week ago, I made a decision to take a 13hr detour from Charlotte, NC to Miami, FL to visit my friend Annette. My original plan was to head to Washington DC, but I felt like it was not the right timing and to trust my intuition and follow the joy. […]

Day 328 – Joyful Living Project

After School Joy As school is winding down and summer is heating up, so is the stress level with students, teachers, and parents as they prepare to wrap up the school year. If you are a parent or teacher, you could probably relate. A few weeks ago, I reached out to my friend and #JoyAmbassador […]