Day 215 – Joyful Living Project

I’ve been inactive on social media these last couple of weeks as I have been out of the country on a secret #JoyMission and filmmaking project in Mexico. I just got back to the US 4 days ago, and have just been catching up. In less that 12 hours, I am hopping on a plain […]

Day 214 – Joyful Living Project

The Joy of Being Pulled Over Abu Dabi Happiness Patrol, a special unit of the police stops people for… Along with the universal traditional approach, Abu Dhabi Police introduced the Happiness Patrol, which in a nutshell is a team and a system that rewards desirable driving behavior. … It has been designed to encourage offenders […]

Day 213 – Joyful Living Project

Kindness and Generosity Activates Joy Indiana Man Shows His Appreciation to a Convoy of soldiers. This inspires more acts of kindness and joy.

Day 212 – Joyful Living Project

Stair Stepping to Joy So often it’s difficult, if not impossible for us to move into a state of joy when we are currently stuck in a negative emotion. It can be quit frustrating when we try to reach for joy when it seams so far from our reach. I remember many years ago, I […]

Day 211 – Joyful Living Project

The Joy of Chilling Out on the Beach Final day of my secret joy mission in Mexico. More details to come. In the meantime, I finally got some time to swim in the ocean before catching my plane back to USA. It was such joy, being in the warm waters and sun! Today’s Travel

Day 209 – Joyful Living Project

The Joy of Kindness, Generosity, and Appreciation I’ve discovered that joy comes from treating people with kindness, generosity, and appreciation. Earlier in my career, I was enamored with people who were wealthy, famous, and successful. Because I felt unworthy, insecure, and inferior, I would chase significance. I wanted to feel important because I thought I […]

Day 208 – Joyful Living Project

The Joy of Exploring on a Bike On my last day here, I decided to take one of the bikes and cruise around the massive property to see what beauty I could fine.

Day 207 – Joyful Living Project

Joy of Overcoming Fear I use to be terrified being by the ocean at night. Perhaps it’s because when I was 5 years old, we were crammed inside the hull of a fishing boat with 40 other people adrift at sea not knowing when, if ever we would see daylight. Waves would crash as we […]

Day 206 – Joyful Living Project

The Joy of Beautiful Design We’ve arrived at an amazing resort called “Andaz Mayakoba Resort Riviera Maya” where we will be staying for the next few nights. This place is simply breathtaking. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted by this stunning room. Feeling honored and grateful to be here. Taking a walk around […]

Day 204 – Joyful Living Project

The Joy of Discovering a New Place Today, I am back on the beach! But this time, it’s in Playa del Carmen. The water is blue and warm. Walking around the city, I feel the energy of creativity and art. At night, this city comes alive music, dancing, food, lights and a vibrant […]