Day 105 – Joyful Living Project

Candace Thankd

Six weeks into my #JoyfulLivingProject tour across America, I was invited to Chattanooga, TN to participate in the 3rd Annual Southern Bend Yoga and Fitness Festival. I parked my car in Los Angeles and flew to Tennessee to share the joy before continuing my tour.

This is a unique fundraiser in partnership with Children’s Organ Transplant Association, Lululemon, and others to raise money for a family whose child needed an organ transplant.

During this incredible weekend, I witnessed tremendous joy, generosity, and care coming together to elevate ourselves, our bodies, and our community.

I invite you to check out this video I produced to share the amazing impact the Southern Bend Foundation makes and the joy it inspires.

So grateful for the opportunity to meet all these amazing #JoyMakers through #JoyAmbassador Heather Shaw Dendy

Behind the Scenes: I’m in Tennessee documenting joy at Southern Bend Yoga and Fitness Festival

You Just Got Thank'd!

After everything, it was totally worth it surprising 2 incredible #JoyMakers Candace and Kyle partnering with my friend and #JoyAmbassador Heather Shaw Dendy.

They both got #Thankd at the Southern Bend Foundation Yoga and Fitness Festival to raise money for children’s organ transplants. We surprised Kyle and Candace with a special video of people sharing their love, impact, and appreciation for each of them. Truly an emotional and special moment.

So grateful for this opportunity to connect with an amazing, heart-centered community here. Thank you Heather for your kindness, generosity, and being such a #JoyMaker!

I will definitely be back as my 18-month #JoyfulLivingProject take me through this part of the country in early spring.

With just 6 hrs of sleep in the last 54hrs of travel on my #JoyMission in Chattanooga, TN, I finally got a full night’s sleep.


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