Day 106 – Joyful Living Project


Growing up in Texas, I had some amazing bar-b-que. One of my dreams is to travel around the USA and sample different styles and flavors.

With the opportunity to be in Chattanooga, TN this weekend, I thought I would venture out to try some southern bar-b-que.

I found Edley’s, a casual place with a great vibe. The waitress was so kind and offered me some sweet tea. Looking at the menu, the Tuck Special instant caught my eye. So I ordered it!

Smoked brisket, house-made spicy pimento cheese, over easy egg, red and white sauce, pickles, and a side of pork chili and coleslaw.

So delicious!! Filled with joy!!

Shifting a Challenge to Appreciation and Kindness

After lunch this afternoon, I decided to stop by the nearby Whole Foods Market to grab a bouquet of flowers to thank my friend Heather for her kindness, hospitality, and generosity in hosting in her beautiful home while in Chattanooga this weekend.

On my way in, I got a call from a friend in Southern California letting me know that his friend who was kind to offer me a place in her home in Los Angeles this week came down with a serious illness. As a result, she won’t be able to host me.

Instead of getting stressed out wondering where I will sleep the upcoming week in Los Angeles before I head to San Diego, I focused on the joy that is in my life at the moment.

I just got a chance to meet the most generous, kind, and loving people in Tennessee these last couple of days. I am staying in a gorgeous dream home on the river. I got a chance to surprise 2 community leaders and givers with a special gift of appreciation. It’s a beautiful day outside, and I got to drive a convertible car. I just enjoyed some delicious southern bar-b-que.

After picking up these flowers for my friend, I stood in the checkout line. There was this lady with this huge load of groceries in front of me. Seeing that all I had was the bouquet of flowers, she told me to go ahead of her. Totally unexpected, I graciously received her kindness. She then told the cashier I was next.

On my way out I thanked her again and she smiled and wished me a great day. What a gift to receive the joy she shared.

In every moment we have an opportunity to focus on what’s wrong or what’s good. I believe that when we choose joy, we invite opportunities and connections we could not have expected or imagined. That’s what the #JoyfulLivingProject is about, inspiring hope and possibilities.


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