Day 125 – Joyful Living Project


In Tucson to speak and Inspire Joy at the International Tour Management Institute 33rd Annual Symposium.

The light from a desert sunset radiates magnificent joy!

#JoyfulJoe is excited to meet these #JoyAmbassadors and inspire joy at the ITMI Symposium!

On our way out from a wonderful dinner my first night in Tuscon, I noticed this mural on the wall.

What a clever play on words and way to cap off an incredibly joyful evening. In fact it was outstanding.

What made it outstanding was the community of kind, passionate, generous, talented, and gracious people. I felt like I was immersed in joy within a couple of hours of conversation and company.

What a gift to be welcomed into this family called the ITMI – International Tour Management Institute. These are literally outstanding #JoyMakers and #JoyAmbassadors. I can’t thank Ted, Joan, and their team enough for this opportunity to connect with, speak and inspire joy these upcoming days at their 33rd annual symposium.

Truly outstanding!


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