Day 137 – Joyful Living Project


Playing the Beats of Joy

I remember back 6 weeks ago when I was in Oakland, CA I participated in an event organized by Hugging America to spread joy in the community by giving out free hugs.

It was an amazing day sharing the gift of healing and support for people with a simple but powerful hug.

While out there we came across an incredibly talented street musician. He was jamming for hours. You can tell by his skills and passion, this was the most joyful experience for him and for others.

I asked him if he would play the most joyful song he knew and he totally nailed it! People around started to dance with joy!

It’s little moments like this that will forever stay with me as I continue this #JoyfulLivingProject tour across America discovering people, places, and experiences that remind us of the good and joy that’s right in front of us.

What can you do today for World Kindness Day?


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