Day 138 – Joyful Living Project


The Joy of Teaching

If you’re like many of us, the holidays can bring an extra level stress and responsibilities along with the joy.

I had the opportunity to teach a workshop at The Bar Method in Lake Oswego. The topic was called Beyond Self- Care and Work-Life Balance: How to create a guilt-free self-care plan for overworked-givers during the busy holidays.

Spending time with these amazing ladies filled me up with such joy sharing stories and strategies to shift from our stressed self to our best self. I’m so grateful for the insights, vulnerability, and discoveries we shared together.

Teaching is one of the most Joyful things I get to experience. This trip to Portland is overflowing with this type of joy. I can’t believe I get to partner with amazing brands like Bar Method and Lululemon to teach 5 workshops the next couple of weeks.

I think what is most fulfilling is knowing in our time together that my students have experienced a shift that will ripple through their lives, work, and community.

If you missed this workshop, I will be teaching another workshop on Nov. 26 at the Bar Method downtown Portland.

What are you doing for yourself during this holiday season that will ground you, connect you, and fill you with joy?

Joy of Playing Under the Sea!

This underwater scooter lets you take a tour of the ocean.

Now you can ride around underwater in your own personal submarine.

This looks like a fun, joyful exploration under the sea. The yellow vehicles look like Joyful Joe! 

Click here to learn more!


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