Day 150 – Joyful Living Project


Have you ever felt like you are the hardest on yourself?

I certainly do, especially last night when I taught a class on self-care and work-life balance.

It’s ironic that I’ve been feeling off balance and had limited self-care these last couple of weeks with travel, holidays, family, and work.

Through the class went well, I received top marks on the feedback, and know each participant walked away with meaningful insights and strategies, deep down I knew I was off.

Having taught this class countless times, I know the content has lots of value. If I were to rate my performance I’d give myself a 6 rather than the 9’s and 10’s the students gave me. I felt off, my mind was scattered, I had a hard time getting into that flow.

If you’re a speaker, you know that feeling when things don’t seem to land or connect. I know that much of this is self-judgement and perfectionism rooted in a deeper desire to do my best and make a meaningful contribution.

As I reflect on this experience, perhaps I did do my best under the circumstances and delivered a meaningful experience.

However, I have not been doing my best to take care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally lately. My sleep as been sporadic, my nutrition has been out the window, and I’ve not been meditating or working out much. All the things I encourage others to do.

I guess in some ways, I have not been walking my talk and it was showing…at least to me.

So this morning I am going for a walk, eating healthy meals, making some time to quiet my mind, doing some positive reading before my final presentation this evening.

It’s not the fact that we are off, but that we notice it and get realigned without the judgement or shame.

It’s so hard to do sometimes and something I will continue to practice as a part of my #JoyfulLivingProject

What is something you are hard on yourself about?

What is a small adjustment you can make to get back into alignment with your work, life, and relationships?

The Moment that Changed Everything

Just over 4 years ago, I was completely burnt out trying to run 5 businesses.

I dropped everything one day and hopped in my car to escape the pain. I drove as far west as I could and ended up at Cannon Beach that day.

It was this moment that changed everything for me. I took off my shoes and buried my toes in the sand as I gazed at the horizon.

This was the moment I said yes to myself and gave myself permission to have the space I needed to breathe, reconnect, and discover what was most important in my life.

This was when I made a commitment to return to this special place the following week, and following week, and following week.

Since then, I have driven to the coast over 100 times. Each time I witness the beauty captured in these photos. Each visit brought me inspiration, hope and healing.

Almost 3 months ago, I left Portland on my 18-month #JoyfulLivingProject tour across America.

With my hectic schedule in Portland this week and last week teaching, connecting with friends, and being with family, my body, heart and soul is craving a visit to this magical coastal sanctuary.

I only have 4 days left in Portland before I fly back to Texas to continue my journey. Three of these days are filled with presentations and video shoots.

I am setting the intention that on Thursday, I can take a much needed #RetirementDayPractice to visit the ocean one final time before I continue east.


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