Day 151 – Joyful Living Project


Joy is Awaiting to be Asked

What often holds us back from experiencing joy in our lives is when we are physically, mentally and emotionally depleted.

No matter how much goodness is around us, when we are in pain, it’s hard to notice the joy.

Over the last 10 weeks, I’ve driven more than 4,500 miles and flown over 20 hours across the country.

In the last 2 weeks in Portland, I’ve led 4 client presentation and 2 full day video shoots.

In between, I cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner for 12, had a couple of client meetings, family time, and visit with several friends.

By the end of this week, I totally hit the wall physically, mentally and emotionally.

This evening, I was teaching my fourth workshop this trip for Lululemon Ambassadors. I was asked to help them bring more joy and self-care during this upcoming hectic holiday season.

I prepared all sorts of tools, gifts, and insights to empower them with ways to navigate the holidays as Joy Ambassadors!

Just before my workshop, my friend asked me what do you need most right now?

I told her, “I sure could use a chiropractor”.

Within seconds, the first attendee arrived for my workshop.

And guess what?

He was a chiropractor!! What an incredible gift to get to know this amazing, inspiring, generous, kind #JoyMaker.

Ajay Iselin invited me to visit his office before I leave town this week to help me with my body.

My session with Ajay was amazing! He totally made my day! In our time together, he not only help energize and align my body, but also reactivate my joy and upifted my spirits!! I wish I could express in words the impact he made and my gratitude for the opportunity to connect with him. Thank you so much Ajay!

Sometimes all we need to do is express what we most need and allow the magic to happen. Thank you Kathryn Durkin for bringing together amazing #JoyAmbassadors and asking me what I needed.

That was a gift of joy!


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