Day 152 – Joyful Living Project


Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs that Stop Your Joy!

When we see the check engine light come on in our cars, we tend pay attention and address the issue promptly.

However when we feel exhausted, irritable, overwhelmed, stressed out, frustrated, unfocused, overly sensitive, self-critical, judgmental, self-doubt, why do we keep pushing ourselves and ignoring these signs?

In many ways these are the check engine lights within ourselves.

If we ignore the issue in our cars, the engine can burnout and completely fail leaving us stranded.

How is this different from our bodies and mind if we don’t address the indicators that show up in the form of these emotions?

Sometimes we wait until our body shuts down with an illness or our relationships blow up before we take care of ourselves.

I’m noticing my check engine light come on lately in the form of these feelings of exhaustion, overwhelm, self-doubt, unfocused.

I’ve been packing my weeks full of responsibilities and putting a lot of expectations on myself.

Time to pull myself off the road of life and work to check my engine and make time for some personal care.

Self-care is not about doing things for yourself.

It’s really about giving ourselves permission to create space in our lives to notice and experience joy so that we can reconnect with our best self.


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