Day 168 – Joyful Living Project


Practicing Vulnerability

I’ve been struggling to experience much joy over the last couple of weeks. Still recovering physically, mentally, and emotionally from an intense few weeks,

I’ve had little time to connect with the fundamental experiences that fill me with joy.

I’ve tried to distance myself from family, friends, and others to give myself space. But discovered that this escape comes at a cost of closing myself off from the good and the joy.

Without feeling much joy, I have not been inspired to share much. I guess deep down I was feeling inauthentic to talk about joy when it felt inaccessible at the time.

I’ve tried to distract myself with work. But that only adds to my level of overwhelm with responsibilities. I felt I’m constantly behind. On top of that, I was not doing anything for my #JoyfulLivingProject.

Finally, my body said, F-You! You’re going to chill the F out with a cold. Yes, I’ve felt miserable these last few days.

This afternoon, the ever changing weather finally settled down and we had a gorgeous sunset.

It reminded me of what used to bring me so much joy. It was those countless trips to the Oregon Coasts and photographing the sunset.

So I took my phone camera and went for a walk. This is what I saw. And the process of capturing these images allowed me to be fully present, in awe, and appreciate the beauty around my. In this appreciation, I was reconnected with joy and myself again.

When we take time to notice the beauty around us, it opens the gateway in our hearts to receive joy.

What beauty do you notice around you?

I’m sorry you have been going through difficult times. Thank you for being so real with us. Finding joy is as easy as opening your eyes and your heart, it’s also the same way to find sadness and despair. You just need to choose joy! Live, laugh, love  – Rhonda Gray Taplin


Yasmin I read something lately that I loved. Sorrow digs the hole, joy fills it. All I know is that when I allow whatever feelings are there, they roll on through, and when I push them back, I get to have them for a little bit longer. Just you being you is all that’s needed. – Brynn Breuner


Thank you for sharing the Beauty around us, Yasmin. It’s joyful  – Sandi Johnson Gordon


Truly appreciate you and your ability to be transparent about your experiences with and sometimes without joy. Love you! – Amber O’Brien


I’m so glad you shared this. I’ve been doing a video on 365 Days of Joy and on those bad days I DO NOT feel like sharing. But I share my hard times too. And you sharing your hard times gives us all permission to not be upset when we aren’t in our joy. So bravo for you to share this.  – Michele Joy


Yasmin Nguyen thank you for your open sharing.. I know for myself and I am sure countless other humans.. that being honest, willingness to share the challenges as well as the Joy, it allows others to feel and share and not feel so alone in there humanness. – DawnMarie Margie Dancey


I was at Amanda and Jaden’s home yesterday where ,as usual there were lovely folks. Your name came up more than once, always bringing a smile, so I would say you are one person who brings joy (even if you are having trouble accessing it) – Jan Trullinger Dwyer


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