Day 173 – Joyful Living Project


The Joy of Playing with a New Toy

My high school friend Lee invited me over to his new office.

Little did I know that it is a HUGE campus and walking from office to office is like a marathon.

They say everything is bigger in Texas and offices are no exception.

The most joyful part of this visit was getting a chance to try out these mini self-balancing Segway.

At first I was afraid to fall off. But quickly I got the hang of it and it was so much fun zipping around the office. I was making donuts around the furniture.

The Joy of Having Someone Order for You

After the office visit, we went to grab some lunch. One of the most joyful experiences eating out is doing so with someone who knows what to order in their native cuisine. 

A lot of time I am uncertain what to order, so I always get the same dish. In this case, I am excited to try new dishes.


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