Day 178 – Joyful Living Project


Filling Our Remaining Time with Joy

Each year during the holidays, my family and I take a trip to the cemetery to pay our respects to our elders.

I use to be so afraid of this place growing up seeing all those scary zombie raising from the grave movies.

Now, I find this pace quite peaceful. There seems to be a quiet from the stress and noise of life.

As I walk past each of the grave stones, I wonder how each person lived their lives. I wonder what joy they experienced and what joy they shared.

Sometimes in death, those who remain feel a sense of lass and grief. And at the same time, it often gives us a moment to pause and reflect on the joy and love those who passed shared with us.

Hopefully it’s during these moments that we take stock of where we are in our lives and appreciate the time we have left and set the intention to live more fully and joyfully.

We neve know how much time we have. We do know that in each moment we have a choice to create, receive, and share joy.


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