Day 180 – Joyful Living Project


On the Road Again!

After taking the last 30 days off to recharge, reflect, and plan for the upcoming year, I’m back on the road and online again!

It’s been an adjustment setting the camera and phone down to just sit and be present to discover that fine balance between living and producing.

Quite honestly I’ve missed the adventures, connections, and sharing. I’ve missed you!

This 18 month #JoyfulLivingProject journey is more than just elevating our awareness of what’s joyful. It’s also a discovery internally and externally what holds us back from joy.

In full transparency, the last month has been the latter for me. Discovering old stories, beliefs, and identities that were blocking joy.

With this heightened awareness I can now choose the experience I desire rather than succumb to old patterns and circumstances. I will be sharing more about this.

Thank you to all the friends who have reached out and supported me during this period and others for giving me the space I needed.

Today marks the 5,000th miles I’ve driven across America.

See you soon Dallas!

May you #choosejoy today and everyday!

The Joy of Indulging

If you are from Texas, you KNOW the joy of Blue Bell Ice Cream!

Ever since I moved away from Texas, I have been craving this for so long. As I pulled over at the gas station, I noticed a bar b que place.

I decided to stop in and grab some lunch. To my delight, they were also selling some Blue Bell ice cream.

I couldn’t resist the joy!

Today's Drive


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