Day 183 – Joyful Living Project


Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt soreness in every inch of your body?

That’s exactly how it felt rolling out of bed.

You see, I was visiting my friend Sarah in Ft Worth, TX yesterday. She recently became an instructor at Core Power Yoga and invited me to a class.

Why not, right? I had no idea…

After finishing that hour long class, all I wanted to do is curl up in a ball on the floor. It was definitely challenging physically and mentally.

I wasn’t sure why I put my body through this until I saw this sign on the wall.

It said “Take a random act of kindness and spark joy

There was a jar next to the sign filled with the red strips and joyful messages like…

“Smile at 5 strangers”

“Run an errand for a busy friend of family member”

“Leave an uplifting note for 3 people”


I grabbed a handful to share and spark some joy!

After that we decided to treat ourselves with some sweet joy at Suzie Cakes.

I am still amazed by the joyful experiences that just show up when we just say yes, challenge ourselves, and allow the magic to happen.

What are you saying yes to today that could bring joy?


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