Day 184 – Joyful Living Project


Reflecting on the Last Six Months of Joy

On this last day of 2018, #JoyfulJoe and I are here at the library reviewing our notes from the #JoyfulLivingProject journey across America these past 3 months.

We are reflecting on how joy has shown up and what we’ve noticed about joy. Here is what we’ve noticed.

Joy starts with noticing the beauty and gifts around us.

Joy is appreciating and being appreciated.

Joy is kindness and generosity to ourselves and others.

Joy is making a difference.

Joy can be the simplest things.

When our core needs of safety, health and love are not met, joy tends to get blocked.

Joy is true connection where we are seen and understood.

Joy is the surprise of generosity.

Joy is the discovery of something new.

Joy is the celebration of ourselves and others.

Joy is belonging in a community.

Joy is the gift of home.

Joy is who we become when we experience the fullest expression of ourselves and our desires.

We have to make room for joy.

Joy is contagious.

We all have the opportunity to be a #JoyAmbassador or #JoyMaker

Joy is not what you have, but what you give.

Like any habit in life, we must practice joy.

Joy is the highest vibration on the emotional scale.

What is joy for you?

Complete this sentence in the comments below.

Joy is…

The Final Sunset of 2018

What a gift to witness this fiery sunset on my run on the last evening of 2018. 


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