Day 185 – Joyful Living Project


Happy New Years!

Let’s start the year by giving out TOYs (Thinking of You’s).

I want to take a moment and appreciating those who have made an impact on me in 2018.

On Day 8 – Joyful Living Project, I shared the details of this concept and how to do it.

An Older Version of Ourselves

I’m taking a moment to reflect on my experience being back at my childhood home and how it brought up an old version of who I was. I notice how old beliefs, insecurities, and identities were showing up and blocking joy.

“It’s not joy that makes us grateful. It’s gratitude that makes us joyful”

– David Steindl Rast

My Special System for Writing Appreciation Cards

  • List 3 people who have made a big impact in you life?
  • Use this template to write your appreciation card
    1. Dear…., I’ve been thinking of you
    2. I remember the time when…
    3. What I appreciate/love most about you is…
    4. What I want you to know…
    5. Close

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