Day 187 – Joyful Living Project


The Joy of Accomplishment

You know that feeling when you are pressed for time to accomplish something. Then you shift into super productive and focus mode?

I was in Dallas last week #Joyriding and helping my friend Cathey Armillas do some strategic planning for 2019.

We had a rocky start and only had a few hours left before heading off to the Escape Room adventure. We seemed to be stuck on one issue.

Then all of a sudden, we some how kicked it up a notch into #getshitdone mode. Everything started flowing.

That felt so good!

The next morning when I was having brunch with my friend Sarah, I finished my cup of tea, and a message revealed itself.

This was a reminder of the Joy of Accomplishment.

That’s another form of joy my friends!

What are you joyful you accomplished this week?

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