Day 188 – Joyful Living Project


On My Way to a Joyful Place…the Beach

Ever since I left the West Coast months ago, I have not gotten a chance to visit the beach. I’m so excited to take a drive down to Galveston.

The Joy and Wellbeing at the Beach

Growing up, we didn’t go to the beach very often. But when we did I remember having a blast swimming in the ocean and jumping as each wave approached.

It wasn’t until much later in my adult life that I started visiting the beach weekly when I lived in Portland.

Each time I took off my shoes and felt the san between my toes, I felt an instant calmness, peace, and connection with the present moment.

Studies have shown that visiting the beach is good for our health.

The Joy and Beauty I Experienced at the Oregon Coast

As a photographer, I witnessed the beauty where the earth, water, clouds, and light meet. 

An no matter how many times I returned to the exact same spot, what I experienced was completely different from the previous time.

I know for me, it is a place of much joy.

My Oregon Coastal Photography: Instagram @OregonCoastlines


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