Day 190 – Joyful Living Project


The Joy of Intention and Intimacy

This time last week, I was in Ft. Worth, TX having dinner with my friend Sarah. She asked me, “What are you doing on New Years day?”

My impulse response was “I’m going to the beach.”

For the last 3 years, my ritual was to go to the beautiful Oregon Coast to reflect on the previous year and set intentions for the upcoming one.

Problem is I’m 2,369 miles from the Oregon Coast .

Sarah suggested I go to Galveston Island just an hour south of Houston on the Gulf of Mexico. With an “Are you serious” look My response was the water there is brown recalling not so great experience from my childhood. She said, no, from time to time it’s blue and clear and showed me a video.

I said, fine…maybe I’ll go to Galveston, not really committing, but still longing for the beach.

New Years morning came and I was at my parent’s house and not the beach. I text almost my friends wishing them a Happy New Year and letting them know how much I appreciate them.

One of them was my friends Sandi Gordon and Bob Gordon. I was hoping to visit them in Austin, TX the following week. Unfortunately, they were not going to be in town.

However, guess where they were going to be for the next week and a half?

Yup….Galveston! ..haha good one Universe!

So guess where I was a few days later?

It had been more than 30 years since I had been there and I was blown away by the beauty, vitality, joy, and yes, blue water.

What a surprise New Years treat!

Sandi, Bob and I shared an incredible afternoon together enjoying lunch, a drive around the island, picking up some seafood and walking on the beach. What a gift to spend a gorgeous day with them and hear about the impactful work they are doing to help others.

But what stood out in my mind from the day was the magic and love they shared together.

We often see this spark in new couples or newlyweds. Seeing the joy, playfulness, respect, and love they shared with each other was such an inspiration and joy to witness.

I often feel alone on this #JoyfulLivingProject across America and wonder what it would be like to experience and share the joy I witness with a romantic partner.

Being in the presence of Sandi and Bob, reminded me of the Joy of Intimacy and inspires me to set the intention and openness to meet that special someone along my travels.

Thank you Sarah for planting the idea of going to the beach for New Years.

Thank you Universe for inviting unexpected opportunities.

Thank you Sandi and Bob for sharing a beautiful afternoon with me and inspiring love!

What joyful intentions are you setting forth for 2019?

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