Day 191 – Joyful Living Project


The Joy of Staying Together

Did you know that in the last 10 years in America, there’s been over 8,345,440 divorces and annulments?

Though divorce rates have be falling, it’s still a challenge in modern day to sustain a long term marriage. How many friends do you know who have been divorced, had divorced parents or siblings?

Well against all odds, my parents celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary today! Yes, the got married 11 months before I was born.

Do the math, that’s how old I am …believe it or not. Thanks for the ageless Asian genes mom and dad!

Though there have been rough times throughout the last 4 decades and a half, they have stuck it out and by each other. They have modeled commitment and love in a world where divorce seems so prevalent.

Today I took them out to lunch to celebrate this joyful and momentous day in their relationship.

I think the secret to their longevity has been that the both have a deep commitment to giving and caring.

These were two people who risked everything to escape war-torn Vietnam on a sinking boat. Separated during their escape, not know if either were alive for than a year, they eventually reunited in America to start a new life together almost 40 years ago.

They raised 3 kids together, a doctor, a pharmacist, and an entrepreneur-filmmaker. In their iehtretirement they now enjoy 5 grandchildren.

My hope is that when I meet my future wife that 46 years later we can celebrate our love and commitment as my parents did today.

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How are you joyfully celebrating your spouse today and everyday?


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