Day 192 – Joyful Living Project


Wall of Joy

Damn it! I think we should build a wall!

Build that Wall!

Build that Wall!

But not one between US & Mexico based on fear to separate & divide people.

Instead, let’s build a “Wall of Joy” to unite and show how much we have in common with our humanity.

I was inspired by an artist/photographer name Eyoälha Baker, who created a project called “Jumping for Joy” that opened hearts and unified communities.

This International Photography Project showcased the joy of the human spirit – in mid-air – around the world!

Wall of Joy Mural 65ft high by 114 ft wide. A compilation of 250, 6×6 ft and 6×4 ft posters of approximately 300+ people jumping for joy. It was on the corner of Abbott and Pender Street, Vancouver was completed in August 2015/ Removed May 2016.

Jump for Joy Photo Mural Vancouver BC Canada. The mural was a compilation of photos of almost 200 people jumping for joy in different parts of Vancouver.

“Surrounding yourself with images that uplift your spirit is as important for your health as nutritious food.” – Deepak Chopra – Origin Magazine

“By focusing on positive actions and creating a compilation of joyful photos, I am creating a unified community that showcases creativity, positivity, joy and fun that uplifts both participants and viewers.” – Eyoälha

Capturing the expression of joy through the simple act of jumping, reminds us to take ourselves and life a little less seriously, if just for a few moments.

There is an increasing focus on positivity and joy in the social consciousness that IS changing the world as we know it.

Thank you to #JoyMakers and #JoyAmbassadors like Eyoälha for bringing us hope, unity, joy during times of fear, division, and suffering. Your work leaves a legacy of positivity that transcends time and borders.

Learn more about her project at

So let’s #buildthewall … a Wall of JOY!


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