Day 196 – Joyful Living Project


The Surprise and Joy of Taking Detours

Have you ever spent a lot of time and energy making plans only to have them change? It can be frustrating right?

In planning out my 18-month journey across America for my #JoyfulLivingProject , I mapped out a general route I would drive and a timeline.

However, what I have discovered over the last 4 months of this journey is that it’s the detours off the planned route that have revealed the most incredible and unexpected joy.

My mantra now as changes in plans arise is:

“Commit to the mission, but allow the path and magic to be revealed while trusting that this path is meant for a purpose that serves the mission”

In just a week, I will be traveling to Mexico, then Japan with my dear friend Scott for most of the next month.

This is an international detour that I am so overjoyed and grateful for the opportunity to visit, discover, connect, and share the joy I experience with you.

I believe that creating space for serendipity and magic to happen in our lives through a lens of commitment to our mission and values while being open to how it will happen brings joy we could never have imagined.

I’m excited about this next adventure and seeing how joy transcends culture, language, borders, and lifestyles.

What types of detours are you taking this year that may bring the most unexpected fulfilling and joyful experiences?


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