Day 20 – Joyful Living Project


Meet Sophia! Over the last 5 years, this lovely lady has waved and smiled at me every single time I drive past her parking attendant booth.

Until yesterday, I didn’t know her name. I just knew her by the woman who brings me a second of joy and an “I see you” smile.

On days when I was flying high with excitement and days when I was in the pit of despair, she offered this gift of kindness and humanity each time I drove by.

Since I will be moving in 30 days and I may never see her again, I wanted to do something special for her to share my appreciation for her kindness.

I went next door to the @laughingplanetcafe and bought her lunch and a gift card.

On my way out of my garage, I leaned out of my window and totally surprised her with this special gift of appreciation.

She was confused for a moment as people usually just stop to pay for parking or complain about an issue.

When she realized this was for her, I could see a small tear in her eyes.

Driving off my heart was overflowing with joy knowing her name was Sophia.

With the help of my friend Rebecca French we document this story via video for my #JoyfulLivingProject to inspire other acts of kindness, appreciation, and joy.

This is a part of a series I am producing called Thank’d #Thankd to share unexpected moments of gratitude and inspire kindness and joy.

What’s something you can do today to appreciate someone who makes a difference and may not be recognized?


Check out how he Thank'd (the newer, better version of Punk'd) the parking attendant in his apartment building. I freaking LOVE this. I love her reaction when Yasmin gives bombs her with love and joy...and a burrito and gift card!


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