Day 218 – Joyful Living Project


The Joy of Cat Videos at 4am

I remember counting sheep to fall asleep, but this must be a whole new approach in Japan for those sleepless jetlag nights. 

By the way, cats bring me lots of joy ! I really miss my beloved kitty Seven who passed away about 4 years ago.

The Joy of Ramen at 5am

Since I was already up by 4am, I thought I would go for a stroll.

Next thing you know, I’m at a ramen shop enjoying a nice rich warm bowl of noodles and a wonderful almond pudding for dessert.

This was an interesting place as you sit in these single booths with wooden blinds in from of you. You mark your order, slip it under the blinds.  When your food is ready, the pull up the blinds and slip you your food and close them. You never see the person on the other side.

On my way back to the hotel, I discovered joy on the streets of Tokyo my first morning here.

There energy is this city is vibrant! Can’t wait to explore and share more!


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