Day 28 – Joyful Living Project


Behind the scenes making my award-winning deviled eggs for my farewell Portland party

These are my award-winning deviled eggs. A little sweet, a little spicy, and a lot of joy!

Since they always bring some serious joy at events, I’m thinking of calling them Joyful Eggs…

Last night, I had the privilege and pleasure of attending a very special celebration and send-off for my dear friend Yasmin Nguyen, who is getting ready to take off for an 18-month cross-country tour of the United States, with a #SOULMission to spread more joy. He's got all kinds of fabulously fun things planned for every city he visits ... #JoyRides #JoyMission #JoyMakerInterviews #JoyMeetUps #JoyfulJoeSpecialAppearances Yasmin's intention over the next year and a half is to activate positive change by exploring 3 questions with the people, businesses and organizations he meets along the way ...

Here's to Yasmin Nguyen and the #JoyfulLivingProject. Thank you for a great gathering, and travel safely and well on your adventure!




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