Day 307 – Joyful Living Project


The Joyful Note

Have you ever received a letter that filled you with joy and laughter. Last night, I certainly did. It was from a 6th grader named Claire.

On my way east, I stopped by to visit my dear long time college friends Scott and Nicole. These are the friends who you can pick up where you left off over 2 decades later and not miss a step. It was such joy to catch up!

That evening as I retired for bed, their daughter Claire left me with this letter on her bed.

“To Mr. Steve (Used to be the name I went by many decades ago…story for another time)

Hello Mr. Steve and welcome to my room. (my as in Claire’s) this is where you will be sleeping tonight. A few things you should know about my room:

    1. If you close the door when you sleep, it gets really hot or cold and in the morning when you open the door, you will get a gust of cold or hot air.
    2. My window can howl if the wind’s just right.
    3. My closet’s a mess so please don’t go in there.
    4. The bean bag chair next to the bed is lumpy because I have all of my friends trapped in there. (just kidding its full of stuffed animals)
    5. I have a lamp that automatically turns on at 5:30pm and it automatically turns off at I think 11:00pm. To turn it off say “Alexa, turn of Claire’s lamp please” (gotta use your manners) She will say okay afterwards. To turn on, say “Alexa, turn on Claire’s lamp.
    6. My brother has a loud keyboard that you can hear from my rom so sorry about that.
    7. I don’t have a clock in my room so use your phone as one.

Thank you and have a nice stay!

– Claire”

I just adore this because it was such a thoughtful, witty, real message that brought a smile to me and hopefully you.

Thank you, Scott and Nicole, for your friendship over the years, your kindness and hospitality and raising children with such love, care and thoughtfulness.

Thank you, Claire, for making my day with your funny and joyful letter!


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