Day 314 – Joyful Living Project


After Party Joy

There’s nothing like food that brings old friends and new together.

Last night I got a chance to spend the night on top of Lookout Mountain in one of those tiny homes with my new friends.

As a special thank you to our host, with the help of Shannon , we cooked dinner so we could share while watching the sunset. On the menu was bruschetta, Asian shrimp salad, and build your own ice cream sandwich with double chocolate or Southern butter pecan ice cream.

This was such an unbelievably fun night filled with laughter, conversations, music, and star gazing.

Waking up this morning to a huge mess in the kitchen, I did try to tidy up a bit to make it easier for the cleaning staff.

Because I made such a mess, I wanted to leave a special message of appreciation.

I wrote on the back of my friend Cathey Armillas #ilovehowawesomeyouare card. “Thank you for your help making this home beautiful for the next guest” and left some gratuity.

Food brings people together to share joy.

Kindness and gratitude fills both our hearts and others with joy.

What simple act of kindness or appreciation can you share with someone who least expects it?


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