Day 318 – Joyful Living Project


A Community of Joy Ambassadors

When I arrived in Chattanooga last week I had no idea all the amazing people I would meet, the unbelievable experiences I would share and how full of joy my heart would be.

Reflecting on all these magical moments, the catalyst for all this joy was my dear friend and #JoyAmbassador Heather.

If you’ve ever met her, you know she impacts and changes lives with her presence, gifts, and heart.

Heather shared with me the precious gift of home during my visit. She lit the fuse to meeting the most incredible community of kind, joy-filled humans.

We started off with her hot yoga class which kicked my ass but was so good spending the evening getting to know an awe-inspiring guy, Brian hang-gliding pilot, cigar aficionado, tiny home builder, international changemaker.

He welcomed a group of us to his property on top of Lookout Mountain to picnic and watch the sunset.

That’s when I met Andrew, Shannon, and Lauren, who would become my joy guides for the coming days.

We spent the next evening in the tiny houses on the mountain, made dinner, laughed, shared stories, and hot tubed under the stars…an unforgettable evening.

The next day Lauren and Shannon took me on an epic hike following waterfalls. We then took Heather’s restorative yoga class.

Through Heather’s yoga community I got to experience goat yoga for the first time and met Becca and Michael who would invite me over the following day to share Mother’s Day lunch with their family and friends.

That evening, Lauren, Shannon, and Andrew showed me stunning views of the city as we shared cocktails and fun conversations.

Then I wrapped up the week filming Heather teaching her Sunday yoga class and witnessing how she inspires light, connection and joy in her students.

When I arrived a week ago, I only knew a few people. By the time I left, I belonged to a community of loving, inspiring, #JoyMakers.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful new friends I’ve met and can’t thank Heather enough for an unforgettably joyful experience here.

Ruby Falls

Before I hit the road to Atlanta from Chattanooga, I decided to play tourist for the day.

There are no words to describe the incredible beauty of nature. The moment of awe is a moment of joy.

Simply breathtaking views of an underground waterfall in the heart of Lookout Mountain.


Ok, so I was standing in line waiting to check out Ruby Falls the other day.

There was this machine that said I could make a wish. So I did…

Darn it Zoltar!!!! This is going to make it much more difficult drive across America to spread joy!

Today's Drive


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