Day 320 – Joyful Living Project


The Sweet Taste of Joy

Just in case you forgot. A joyful public service announcement.

Stressed spelled backyards is Dessert…coincidence?

Joy can be and taste so sweet!

What sweetness are you bringing into your day today? An eclair, a kind word, a sweet connection, a playful moment, an adventure?

The Joy of Animals

Animals no matter how large or small have an incredible way of bringing us joy and healing.

Perhaps it’s their unconditional love or their full presence or their loyalty that reminds us that we are enough just the way we are.

They help us shift the focus away from ourselves and our frustrations or challenges to to a place of caring, playfulness and adoration.

These are nature’s #JoyAmbassadors. Whether it’s a dog, cat, goat, or horse, each brings a special gift of joy.

I have felt such gift from each of these animals and many more during my #JoyfulLivingProject journey.

If you have a pet, I invite you to take an extra moment to appreciate them and thank them for the joy they share.

The Joy of Compassion

I saw a video about a convenience store owner who saw a suspicious teenager stealing junk food from his store. The owner told the cashier to call 911 and then angrily confronted the teen and made him empty out his pockets. The teen put a pile of candy and junk food on the counter.

The owner asked the shoplifter why he was stealing. The young man said he was hungry and just wanted to feed himself and his little brother. The owner said, “This is not food. You want food, I give you food.” He told the cashier to hang up on the 911 operator and then went behind the counter and put some chicken, sandwiches, and sausage rolls into a bag and gave it to the teen. Others witnessing this act of compassion chipped in and gave the teenager some money.

The owner chose compassion to activate joy for him, the teen, and everyone who experienced that moment. His compassion also inspired thousands who learned about this story. That’s Joy 3.0!


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