Day 328 – Joyful Living Project


After School Joy

As school is winding down and summer is heating up, so is the stress level with students, teachers, and parents as they prepare to wrap up the school year. If you are a parent or teacher, you could probably relate.

A few weeks ago, I reached out to my friend and #JoyAmbassador Mary Fisher-Day if she would be interested in Sprinkling some Happiness and Spreading some Joy.

With excitement and passion, she organized some friends together and suggested we do a Happiness Sprinkling event to surprise and bring joy to these parents, kids, and teachers.

Before I embarked on this 18-month #JoyfulLivingProject journey across America, I contacted Laura Lavigne, the founder of the Happiness Sprinkling Project and asked if i could be a travelling Ambassador to share joy in this way. With the help of supporters like Brenda Sutton, Matt Maili, and others, I got a set of signs printed so I could travel and help bring joy and sprinkle happiness to communities I visit.

Today, with other #JoyAmbassadors Deb Morton, Anne Duffy, Mary , #JoyfulJoe , we held up signs as cars, school buses, pedestrians walked by honked, waived, and smiled.

This filled our hearts with joy knowing that this simple act and message of #kindness will create a ripple effect of joy in lives we may know.

We have no idea the struggle challenges, or stress someone is experiencing today. But we had the opportunity to gift them with a moment to notice and acknowledge that “You are Loved” “You are a Good Parent” “You are Beautiful” “You Rock”.

Today we joyfully celebrate you!


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