Day 33 – Joyful Living Project


My heart is overflowing with joy from last night! A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak at a Fred Meyer / Krogers leadership training program. #JoyfulJoe and I shared stories and strategies to experience more work-life alignment by makings space in our lives for joy, connection, kindness, and gratitude.

I was invited to a barbeque last night to celebrate their graduation from the leadership training. Witnessing their growth, confidence, and generous appreciation and impact from our experience together a few weeks ago moved me. It reminded me of the purpose of my commitment to travel across America these next 18 months to inspire joy.

These are the #JoyfulLeaders who will not only make an impact in their company but will deepen relationships with themselves, their teams, and community through empathy, kindness, gratitude, and self-care.

What a gift to be a part of this incredible group and organization! As a speaker, one of the most beautiful comments I received last night was “We wish we had more time with you. All of us would have stayed as long as you kept speaking, even after hours”

So grateful for these magical moments and the opportunity to make an impact. Thank you Kathy Allworth and the Fred Meyer team for this gift. This joy!

Dang, those were some seriously hot wings #JoyfulJoe

6 Degrees from a Joyful Connection

The other day I had a great conversation with my dear friend and advisor for The JoyfulLiving Project, Jeff VandenHoek. In our chat, we were reflecting on how we originally connected.

This sparked an idea and fun game I’d like to share with you.

When we think about helping others, we often forget that an introduction and connection can be one of the most precious gifts. The impact can create ripple effects far beyond what we could have imagined.

Since the #JoyfulLivingProject is committed to inspiring more joy, connection, and freedom, I’d like to invite you to play along. Connections bring joy into our lives!

Here’s how it works…

  1. Choose a friend.
  2. Ask yourself how did we get connected. Then trace back the origin of how you were connected, tagging each person.
  3. Use the hashtag #howweconnected


You will be amazed at what a profound impact a single connection does!


How I met Jeff…

Jeff VandenHoek <– Steve Rosevold <– Cathey Armillas <– Holly Duckworth (NSA) <– Terry Starbucker (SOBCon) <– Courtney Couch (Supper for Stars Dinner) <– Tyler Bel Buchanan <– Networking Event



How I met Kathy…

Kathy Allworth <– Derek Pangelinan <– Jason Bay <–Danielle Louise Ross (Kickball) <– Kristi Govertsen (Rotary) <– Richard Elixman <– Liz Raines Albano <– Nicole Weber <– Dawn Montefusco <– Jennifer Gibbings <–Maria Perry-Crawshaw <– Amber Spears



How I met Ellen…

Ellen Shayman Rogin <– Chris West <– Patrick Galvin <– Holly Duckworth (NSA) <– Terry Starbuckerr (SOBCon) <– Courtney Couch (Supper for Stars Dinner) <– Tyler Bel Buchanan <– Networking Event



How I met Jaden

Jaden Winn <– Amanda Winn <–Jim Dwyer <– Holly Duckworth (NSA) <– Terry Starbucker (SOBCon) <– Courtney Couch (Supper for Stars Dinner) <– Tyler Bel Buchanan <– Networking Event


Now your turn…


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