Day 334 – Joyful Living Project


Unexpected Joyful Detour

Almost a week ago, I made a decision to take a 13hr detour from Charlotte, NC to Miami, FL to visit my friend Annette.

My original plan was to head to Washington DC, but I felt like it was not the right timing and to trust my intuition and follow the joy.

The have been a number of times on this 18-month #JoyfulLivingProject journey where I have ignored my gut feeling and tried to visit a place that didn’t feel quite right at the time. Every time it’s led to frustration, disappointment, and little joy.

However, when I have trusted my intuition to follow these unplanned detours, magical things have happened every time and this one to Miami was now exception.

After many stops and 739 miles in one day, I finally arrived at my friend’s house by 9pm. After a long day of driving, it is so worth it to feel welcomed to a new home and to share a meal together.

During dinner, my friends and #JoyAmbassador asked, what I want to experience in Miami.

I said, “I’d love to see the city, but what I’d really like to do is experience the joy of authentic Cuban food, music, and culture.”

The next morning, we went to a family-owned Cuban bakery where we enjoyed some authentic pastries as locals gathered with friends for their morning conversations.

Fast forward 3 days later, in a casual conversation about marketing my friend’s travel business with expertise videos, we had an idea! You see my friend creates itineraries for their clients to destinations like Italy, France, and Cuba.

Out of the blue, my friend suggest we go to Cuba together this weekend…

What??? Heck yes!!!!

So, in 24hrs from now, I’m taking another detour to Cuba, which I would never have imagined. I thought I would just eat at some restaurant and visit a club in Miami.

It still blows my mind how miracles consistently happen whenever we express our desire for joy, follow our intuition, take action, and release attachment to how it shows up.

I am so grateful for my dear friends Annette and Eddie for this opportunity to share joy with them and all of their kindness and hospitality.

What’s your intuition telling you regarding a decision you have to make? Which feels like the most joyful path?

Not the easiest, but most joyful. That 13hr drive to Miami was not easy, but opportunities there felt joyful.

See you in Cuba!


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