Day 336 – Joyful Living Project


The Simplest Joys

Though Cuba may offer some of the most stunning scenery you’ll ever see—classic cars, colorful buildings, rolling hills, dramatic mountain ranges, epic sunsets, stunning beaches—I find that the most beautiful aspect of Cuba is its people. Even with all of the challenges and hardships they face, they are resilient and they share with the kindness of their hearts.

They stop to pick up a stranger’s hat.
They wave at passing cars rather than honk.
They work extremely hard in some of the most challenging conditions I’ve ever come across.
They sing with passion to delight their guests.
They go out of their way to cook 12 dishes for six people just to welcome them.
They invite strangers in for coffee.
They welcome guests into their homes with such grace.
They sit and wait patiently for your arrival with a smile.

These are true Joy Ambassadors who have opened my eyes and filled my heart with joy thanks to the simplest things.


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