Day 34 – Joyful Living Project


Meet Ciara Pressler! She is an entrepreneur, artist, and woman who brings incredibly passionate people together to learn and grow their businesses. Most notably, she’s a community builder and a Joy Maker!

She started [PREGAME] in Portland Oregon two years ago to help entrepreneurs launch, scale, and run a business. It’s like a gym for your goals. Their events, workouts, and private training sessions get your business in peak shape with guidance from experienced pros.

What I love most about this #JoyMaker is she has such a gift for connecting people and inspiring the community! #JoyfulJoe and I witnessed dozens of people hugging and enthusiastically sharing and connecting at the celebration of the [PREGAME] 2nd Anniversary party last night.

If you are in Portland and you don’t know Ciara, you should! She has a big heart and is the real deal! You can find her at

So grateful to know her and the many opportunities to come to teach and share with her wonderful community. Thank you for the joy you bring Ciara!

30 days from hitting the road on Joyful Living Project. 

Reflections on little ways to experience more joy even though you may be feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

You're such a great example Yasmin. I appreciate your authenticity -- sharing not only about the life-giving experiences you're having but also about the fear, the funk, the needs you and your project have. You make what you're doing real and accessible for us. Thanks for keepin' it real. Jaden and I love you big!

JoyfulJoe: “Are you serious? We are going to all these places?”, 

Yasmin: “Yup, there is lots of joy to inspire. People need it. Our country needs it!”

JoyfulJoe: “Ok, well I’m going to have to hustle for some gas money or we are not going very far” 

Yasmin: “Good idea #JoyfulJoe! Invite people to join us and become a #JoyMaker by making a donation and sharing this here “.

JoyfulJoe: “I’m on it!”


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