Day 344 – Joyful Living Project


The Joy of Recharging

Have you ever had a week when your body felt like you’d been run over by a truck?
The cumulative physical, mental, and emotional stresses from all of your responsibilities finally take their toll, leaving you completely exhausted.

It’s difficult to tap into joy when we’re in such a depleted state.

Last Sunday, I was in Cuba riding in an RV all day long, exploring the countryside in Vinales from 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. We ended the day watching the sunset at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

On Monday, we rode electric bikes through the streets of Havana. In the blazing hot sun and sweltering humidity, we visited the Jose Fuster art exhibit and a couple of friends. On Tuesday, we spent all morning learning about Cuban cuisine and cooking a six-course meal alongside a professional chef. Then we finally returned to Miami at 10 p.m.

On Wednesday, I spent all day in my friend’s office editing video and creating marketing content. On Thursday, I drove for 14 hours from Miami to Florence, South Carolina. On Friday, I drove for another 12 hours and finally arrived in Philadelphia. On Saturday, my friend Kerri and I walked her dogs and then went whitewater rafting for most of the afternoon.

Now, a week later, I’m wiped out!! So today I stayed in bed for an extra hour. I can’t tell you the joy I felt just resting in bed. Then my friend took me to her beautiful gym, where we did a restorative yin yoga class. After class, I soaked in the hot tub for a bit before sitting in a eucalyptus steam room. We had a lovely lunch outside before going home for a nap.

Ahhhh… Exactly what my mind and body needed to recharge and access joy again!

What are you doing this week to heal and recharge your body in order to reconnect with joy?


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