Day 35 – Joyful Living Project


Meet Dr. Eric Fredrick!

Over the last 3 decades, he has dedicated his life to helping seniors and others regain their joy and quality of life. As one of the top Audiologists in Portland, he helps his patients regain their hearing. Outside of his profession, Eric is one of those people who gives and gives and gives to all those around him.

Tragically almost 2 years ago, he was struck by a semi-truck while on a motorcycle ride. He sustained a brain injury and was in the ICU for months. As he is recovering from this life-changing event, Eric has been slowly regaining his mobility and thus his freedom. He is still dependent on others to get him around. Not sure when and if he will be able to see his hearing patients again, there is a piece of joy that is missing.

I wanted to surprise him with a special experience to lift his spirits. I recently discovered an incredible nonprofit call Bunnies in Basket that gives people positive emotional/physical experiences through visits with highly socialized, “human curious,” and affectionate rabbits.

Witnessing him smile and experience this reminds me of the simple things that reconnect us with joy.

What’s something playful you can share with others who could use some joy and appreciation?

Thank you, Eric, for bringing so much joy to my life!


No matter where your journey takes you, you will still be my friend. You are an inspiration and I have learned so much from you.

So many of us find ourselves stressed and overwhelmed with responsibilities.

There is a solution.

Set boundaries and communicate them.

That’s how you give yourself love and joy.


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