Day 36 – Joyful Living Project


If you are having trouble finding joy, take a long deep breath and create space for it.

It’s often not about finding joy.

It’s about noticing it.

Like the air we breathe, it’s all around us.

When we are so consumed with responsibilities and reactions, we tend to have blinders that filter out the joy right in front of us.

Releasing what joy has to look like and be.

Invite and welcome joy in whatever form you see…giving, resting, playing, connecting, helping, learning, exploring, sharing, finishing, moving, creating.

These are just a few faces of joy.

All it takes is one breath, one moment to create space, and to notice that joy is right there.

What’s joy do you see today?

Taking this photo at the Oregon Coast is pure Joy!

Sound advice to design joy into our lives with a “play” list.

Guy Builds a Giant Ball Pit for Strangers to EnJOY

Are you “too busy” to have fun?

What if you took 5 minutes to just play and experience joy?



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