Day 37 – Joyful Living Project


I think one of the hardest things I’m going through right now getting ready for this big transition and journey is releasing attachments.

Attachment to the familiar, certain habits, a sense of comfort and certainty, ways of making money, some friendships, ideas on how things need to be, certain foods, negative emotions, perfectionism, insecurities, limiting stories, and “I have to do everything myself”.

This journey is so much more than just packing my car and hitting the road for 18 months. It’s about what I am taking with me physically, mentally, and emotionally while leaving room for the richness that’s to come.

Don’t Give Up Signs

Making joy and giving hope in a simple yet profound way! Thank you Amy Wolff for inspiring a powerful movement and doing such good.

Don’t Give Up Signs Movement

What an incredible impact!


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