Day 434 – Joyful Living Project


The Joy of Awe

I remember visiting the Grand Canyon with my family a few years ago. Despite having seen photos of it many times, nothing could compare with the moment of complete awe and reverence of nature that hit me when I saw the grandeur and expansiveness of the Grand Canyon in person. It was a “Holy sh*t! I’m actually here!” moment.

Part of what activates joy within us is experiencing the moments that jostle us out of our norms, routines, and expectations. These moments propel us right into the present with an increased awareness and sense of appreciation. Joy flourishes within curiosity and adventure.

Today, my friends Annette and Eddy took me on an adventure to Bryce Canyon. We were joined by our friends from Rome. As we approached the edge of the canyon, it began to reveal its majestic views. Instantly, I felt that same feeling of awe I had felt years ago at the Grand Canyon. As we descended into the depths of the canyon and then emerged from it, I continued to feel simultaneous waves of awe and flows of joy.

After the past few intense weeks, this was the recharging I needed. During highly stressful and demanding times, often all we need is a moment in nature to reconnect with ourselves and take in beauty and joy. Whether you experience this by yourself or with others, just go! Whether it be a local park, the lake, the beach, or the hills, joy is waiting for you.


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