Day 439 – Joyful Living Project


First Rock Concert

After having arrived in America when I was seven years old, I learned English. That was in the early 80s. Back in the day, I remember MTV VJs like Kurt Loder and Martha Quinn. I would learn all of the words to songs like “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Joan Jett without actually knowing what they meant. As I grew up, friends told me how amazing it was to attend live rock concerts.

Fast-forward almost 40 years. I had never been to a live rock concert until this Friday! Friday the 13th, to be exact. When I visited my dear friends Julie and Babs in Salt Lake City, they took me to the Utah State Fair. I was excited to go on the rides, eat elephant ears, and people-watch. There were butter sculptures, live farm animals, and deep-fried hamburgers.

What I didn’t expect was a live rock concert by the 1980s band Foreigner. How appropriate for my first live rock concert! I had heard their name growing up, but I had never connected the lyrics I knew to the band itself until I saw them perform. The stadium was electric with energy as people turned on their phone flashlights and sang along.

It was incredible!!! So much joy!!! I had no idea what I’d been missing for four decades!


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