Day 44 – Joyful Living Project


What an honor to be invited to speak at WeWork for the LinkedInLocal PDX meeting.

Super excited to share stories and strategies for #worklifebalance and how to experience more joy, connection, and freedom

This was my final public event in Portland before I pack up my car and hit the road across America for 18 months discovering and inspiring joy through my #JoyfulLivingProject.

Phenomenal joy tonight with Yasmin Nguyen and the The Joyful Living Project #linkedlocalpdx Getting better all the time! Building community, connections, collaborating!

Great evening. Superhero cape was a hit as was Yasmin Nguyen talk on finding joy

Delightful hearing my client, Yasmin Nguyen speak at the local LinkedIn Live networking event on living beyond "life-balance", living Joy, before he hits the road with his #JoyfulLivingProject

Movement is the way I bring joy into my day to day. I used to dance at home in my room daily but thought I didn’t dance “good enough” to dance outside of with my hip hop team. My self doubt and negative inner dialogue was ruining the reason I dance. I dance because it FEELS good not to look good. Anyone who has the confidence to get out there and dance in front of people is an awesome dancer to me. Next time you hear a song that gets you excited...get up and DANCE! Start by dancing in the shower, in your bedroom or when you’re in the grocery store aisle and no ones watching aha.


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