Day 523 – Joyful Living Project


Generations of Joy

This morning, I was invited to speak to an incredible group of students from Grades 1 through 5 about my journey. The school where I spoke was no ordinary school! If I could go back in time and become a child again, I would beg my parents to send me to this school.

Led by visionary changemaker Debbie Elder, Shady Oak Primary School inspires children to be self-motivated, self-aware, and self-reliant thinkers. They provide academic and life skills that encourage students to love learning, love themselves, love ideas, love one another, and become successful. From the ages of three to six, these students are learning relationship, life, emotional, and entrepreneurial skills.

As I read my “A Joyful Day” poem to them, I realized that all of the joy concepts I teach—kindness, generosity, gratitude, creativity, playfulness, empathy, and presence—were already part of their daily practice. Before my very eyes were young Joy Ambassadors.

As I walked through the halls of the school, it was like being immersed in an enchanted world of mindfulness, appreciation, community, and positivity. Inspired by their children, I saw how parents and the community came together.

I shared a special yellow joy-activating wristband with each student. We proudly showed them off.

Seeing the possibilities of a joyful future like this was a gift of pure joy that filled my heart.


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