Day 525 – Joyful Living Project


Joy Ambassador in Action

Just over three months ago, I was in Chicago visiting my dear friends Ellen and Steven. One evening, we invited a special group of friends over to enjoy a five-course meal that I cooked. During dinner, we talked about joy and I shared stories from my travels. At the end of the meal, one of our guests, Nicole, shared a special gift of joy I would carry with me for the next three months.

Nicole is a #JoyAmbassador who’s known for secretly hiding notes of kindness and appreciation for people to discover. On that special night, Nicole gave me a small envelope with a note that read “It’s your lucky day and mine. Send me an email! I’ll send you something to bring you a little joy. How cool is that? Many thanks to Yasmin and The Joyful Living Project. – Nicole.” She asked me to give the note to someone I met who could use a little joy.

For the next three months, I carried Nicole’s note in my wallet. Each time I met someone, I wondered if they were meant to receive this special gift. Then a couple of weeks ago, I met with my dear friend Amber in Portland. Our conversation moved me to tears, and I knew right away that she was the one.

Amber had just started her dream career as a flight attendant, but about a month ago, she’d gotten news that her children’s father had just died in a motorcycle accident. She decided to give up her dream career to help her son and daughter, ages 8 and 10.

It was hard to imagine what she was going through! She always had to be strong for her kids, and I could tell that was taking a toll on her well-being. I realized how much she could use some joy, so I passed the note along to Amber and she connected with Nicole.

A week later, as Amber was celebrating a quiet birthday with her family, she received a surprise email from Nicole. “Hi, Amber! I hope you’re having an amazing day. I asked some friends, family members, and coworkers who bring me joy to help me bring a little joy to you on your birthday. Here they are.”

When I heard what had happened, my heart filled with joy—not only had Nicole shared joy with Amber, as a #JoyAmbassador, she had invited others to be #JoyMakers.

Amber told me, “It made me feel like I’m actually part of the fabric of humankind… I truly FELT that, and it totally made me smile!”

What a gift to witness kindness and joy spread! I am truly humbled to have met Nicole and many others who inspire connections and joy. This what the #JoyfulLivingProject is all about.


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