Day 54 – Joyful Living Project


This past weekend, I spoke at the 2nd Annual Kind Fest, an outdoor festival inspiring local businesses, communities, and citizens to share and practice kindness.

One of the activities that moved me was called “The Happiness Sprinkling Project”. This movement to spread happiness and joy was founded by Laura Lavigne.

The idea started in 2012, was to gather a group of people together to hold signs with a positive message of kindness, hope, and gratitude at busy street intersections. During this time in our country of such negativity, alienation, and stress, seeing a reminder of what’s good on our drive home can make a big impact!

I reached out to Laura to explore the idea of partnering with my Joyful Living Project to sprinkle happiness and joy as I travel across America for the next 18 months.

What if I brought community members together in each of the 10+ cities I visit and organized these joyful experiences inspiring hope and goodness?

Laura was excited to collaborate. So the next step is to have a set of 23 signs printed to travel with me for the next 18 months and then donated to The Happiness Sprinkling Project.

I checked with my favorite local printer, B&B Print Source, and got a quote for $349 for the signs. Then offered a 10% discount. My representative there Matt Miali was so moved by this project that he decided to generously donate an additional $50 out of his own pocket for the signs!

I then reached out to my friend Brenda Sutton, who originally introduced me to this project. She too made a generous donation!

I still need to raise the remaining $214 to get these signs printed by the end of next week before I hit the road on the #JoyfulLivingProject to inspire communities to spread joy and happiness.

If this type of project resonates with you, and you would like to be a Joy Maker, I’d like to invite you to make a contribution to raising the remaining funds for this project here:

Thanks so much for your support and kindness!


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