Day 55 – Joyful Living Project


This past weekend I had the opportunity to immerse myself in an incredible community of #Kindness and #Generosity and it was spectacular!!!!

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to speak on stage, share my #JoyfulLivingProject at my booth, and go around meeting amazing #JoyMakers spreading kindness while filming this video.

The 2nd Annual Kind Fest is an outdoor festival created by Angie Louthan to bring together business, community, artists, and thought leaders to share, inspire, and practice kindness. Its mission is to make an impact and create a kinder world.

I’d like to invite you to take a couple of minutes to feel the positivity and kindness, and joy I witnessed through this video.

During this time of such negativity, divisiveness, and pain in our country, I believe we have a choice to focus on what’s wrong or what’s good. That’s what I created The Joyful Living Project to discover and shine the spotlight on and people, experiences, ideas making a positive impact to better our lives so we can expand possibilities and heal our relationships and communities.

The Kind Fest represents a gift of joy in our lives and I am excited to share with you that there are great people doing great work to make a difference. Thank you to this wonderful community for all you do and the impact you make!


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