Day 56 – Joyful Living Project


Last weekend I met an incredible man and #JoyMaker named Rod Brooks at The Kind Fest.

He created the Grandpa Project as a way to unconditional love for his grandchildren. It became a special mission and purpose. Rod believes that every child deserves to know, learn from, and be loved by their grandpa.

Check out this video I made as a part of the #JoyfulLivingProject to feature the kindness and joy he is inspiring countless grandfathers to experience with their families.

What a special morning and day today was. The Grandpa Project presented the first ever Grandpa Camp event in Chelan and those that attended appeared to have a wonderful time. It was so good to see the look on each child’s face when they arrived and registered with their grandpa. The possibility for connected families and generational love was definitely present at The Ruby Theater today. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to so many people who encouraged and supported the vision that every child deserves to know, learn from, and be loved in a grandpa experience - which was further realized today.

Joyful Flash Mob Dance

Last week when I was speaking and filming at The 2nd Annual Kind Fest, I witness such a fun and joyful expression through dance!

Studies have shown that one of the quickest ways to shift our mood and experience is to move our bodies!

The joy started with a couple of ladies dancing, which quickly sparked a movement amongst the crowd. Watch as more inspired joy spread and everyone joined in!


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