Day 58 – Joyful Living Project


Over the last month and a half, I have discovered and captured so much Joy in Portland and Seattle for my #JoyfulLivingProject that I ran out of room on my hard drive with videos, interviews, and more.

I had to back all this joy up on an external drive.

Can you guess which drive contains all the joy?

Signs of Hope and Joy

My last week in Portland!!! Getting these handheld signs with positive messages off to the amazing @bbprintsource for printing.

In partnership with the Happiness Sprinkling Project, I will be bringing people together in each of the 10+ cities I visit on my #JoyfulLivingProject to hold up signs of kindness, hope, generosity, support, and love to remind people of hope and possibilities.

Imagine having a rough day and driving by a group of energized #JoyMakers holding signs saying:

“You Are Enough”

“Trust Yourself”

“You Are Loved”

“You ARE a Good Parent”

“Be You”

Altogether I will be traveling across America for the next 18 months with 23 of these signs to sprinkle happiness wherever I go.

Special thank you to B&B Print Source, Matt Miali, Brenda Sutton, Jon Hoole, and Deb Kindinger for your generous donations to make this #JoyMission possible and for helping spread joy and kindness to so many people you may never know.

Because of #JoyMakers like these and so many others, we can inspire more kindness, joy, and love in America and beyond.

Thank you Joy Makers for your Support!

As I prepare to embark on this 18-month journey to discover and inspire joy across America in a week, my heart is overflowing with gratitude and appreciation for so many friends, family, and other #JoyMakers who have generously made a financial contribution to support my #JoyfulLivingProject.

As a Joy Maker, you are a catalyst to activating change and reminding us that in every moment we have a choice on what we focus on — what’s wrong or joy. From this seed of joy grows hope, possibility, generosity, kindness, love, reconnection with ourselves and others.

I am currently funding this project with the remaining savings I have along with generous contributions from friends and family who believe in the importance and impact of this mission.

Thank you, Jon Hoole, Deb Kindinger, Brenda Sutton, Ellen Shayman Rogin, Kellie Poulsen-Grill, Kelyn Miles, Brady Wilson, Mark Chernobelsky, Eric Frederick, Cammie Allie, Christy Aleckson, Terry Starbucker, Michael Foley, Michael Riscica, Laurice Pasion, Ernest Pasion, Molly Flores, Cathey Armillas, Amanda Winn, Jim Dwyer, Dill Ward, Pam Stenberg-Abrahamsson, Michael Knouse, Danielle Louise Ross, Jaden Winn, Michelle Ann Collins, Patrick Galvin, Linda Bard, Jeff VanenHoek, Chris West, Kedma Ough, Judy Rhee Nguyen, Tony Nguyen, Jason Saunders, Stephanie Kelly, Eric Cavanaugh, Sophie Lippert, Frank & Karen Wagner, Denise Lewis

Thank you Mom & Dad for believing in me and for all your love and support throughout my life!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!! You have no idea how much a difference you are making for me and so many others!

For those who have not gotten a chance to support and make a contribution to The Joyful Living Project, you can still become a Joy Maker at

#JoyfulJoe meets Lance visiting his 3rd Trader Joe’s

He’s excited to visit as many @traderjoes stores as possible on our 18 month trip across America inspiring joy through the #JoyfulLivingProject


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