Day 59 – Joyful Living Project


The other night, I witnessed and experienced music like never before. Feeling the passion and joy of performances by two extraordinary artists, musicians, and #JoyMakers Sophie Lippert and Joe Kye was intoxicating.

Watch as they ignite connection and joy in their audience! I’m hopeful this is only the first of many joyful experiences created by this dynamic duo.

My heart!! Oh, my heart. Today, I’m in awe of my heart’s ability to expand so magnificently without breaking.

Or maybe it is breaking, a little bit, during each expansion. Breaking in the way that creates space for something new to come through. Breaking in the way that muscles tear to allow for new growth. Breaking in the way that old patterns are released to make way for new; old stories are viewed with gratitude and then re-written.

Sunday night, for me, was extraordinary. It was a celebration of collaboration and friendship; of two musicians reconnecting after 15 years, each being pulled in disparate directions (musical and beyond!) and then, inextricably, sharing a stage together again. Joe kept me conscious, curious, present, mindful, creative, inspired, and always a breath away from raucous peals of laughter. Joe, thanks for shining so bright, and bringing out an extraordinary shine in me.

It was a celebration, too, of music and artistry. Joe Kye is easily one of the most gifted and brilliant musicians I know, so…mic drop, on that front. And this is the thing I really can’t get over: I felt more grounded in my playing and my musicianship than I possibly ever have before. When I divorce my tens of thousands of hours from an ideal of perfection and marry them instead with an ideal of artistry & exploration & creation, something crazy happens. Those hours facilitate expression and generosity, rather than idealism. My music can suddenly become a gift, unencumbered by the pressure of spitting out something so manicured that it loses all its heart. I’ve never let my spirit be so free while playing technically demanding classical music: Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata, Chopin’s 3rd Ballade, Debussy Estampes Suite, and more.

For all of you that attended: THANK YOU. I hope the evening left an imprint on you in the way it has for me. Yes, Joe and I worked our tushes off to pull off this show—but it was your presence that made the magic.

Sabrina Louise, Mona, Jaime, Kristal, Andy, Kristen, Liz, Yasmin, Michael, Kendra, Erica, Emily, Paul, Julie, Emma, Mina, Liz, Morgan, Theresa, Scott, Nicholas, Emerson, Kristen, Chris, and all the rest: I can’t tell you how supported I felt to have my community show up to celebrate with me. There were several times during the show that I found my face aching from beaming in delight of the group that was gathered. So many people I love, from so many walks of my life, participating in shared experience; listening, laughing, open to receive & support & participate. What a revelation. YOU ALL ARE THE BEST.

If there’s anything my life is about, at this present moment in time, it’s this: bringing good people together, with music as a conduit. Having a shared experience that leads to a group of hearts opening, connecting, expanding, re-shaping, and yes, even breaking a little bit. Helping us be more soulful human beings, so we can, in turn, give back to others with hearts that are brighter, stronger, softer, sweeter, and more aligned with our unique purpose.

I leave you, tonight, with a clip from our encore. The Beatles followed Gershwin, Dvorak, Ravel, Beethoven, Joe Kye originals…and I’ve never tasted a more deliciously frosted concert cake. Lick those spoons, y’all. I know I’ll be licking mine for days to come.  – Sophie Lippert


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