Day 6 – Joyful Living Project

Outdoor Piano with Amanda.00_00_05_27.Still001

On a morning walk with my friend Amanda, we came across a piano right by the riverfront in Portland, OR

A smile immediately came to her face as she began tickling the keys and playing a joyful tune.

Upon research, I found out that an organization called Piano. Push. Play. ( ) rescues pianos and puts them on the street for everybody to enjoy.


This outreach project is about developing more ways for people to see, hear and enjoy the piano in action. It began as a pop-up concert series with one piano on one street corner — created to break down the barrier between performers and audience members, between professional musicians and students, amateurs and those who just enjoy listening.

What a way to bring joy to our community!!!

This is what happens when Joyful Joe has one beer…


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