Day 61 – Joyful Living Project


I recently met with Kayla McCord, one of THE MOST JOYFUL people in Portland. Kayla coaches individuals and groups on how to embrace themselves with self-love and transform their lives.

We walked down to the lake with her dog Henry to chat and dance!

In our interview, she shared her challenges with growing up suffering from a negative self-image and eating disorders.

It’s really incredible to hear her story of how she turned her life experiences around now and is inspiring and helping others.

In about a month, this #JoyMaker will be moving from Portland, OR to Australia to share her gifts of love and joy there.

So grateful to know this amazing woman and share her with you!

What an honor to be part of Yasmin Nguyen Joyful Living Project as one of the Joy Makers of Portland. Yasmin leaves next week to go on the adventure of a life time. Over the next 18 months he will be traveling across America to film all of the JOY MAKERS of each city. In a world that can be dark he wants to show us all how people bring JOY into the day to day. By making an inspiring film that will show the world how JOYFUL we can actually be. I am so happy to know him and be apart of this wonderful film he's making. Follow him along the way and find out how other people around the US bring joy into their lives. Yasmin gave me the opportunity to talk about all my past struggles and how I'm using my past to lead others on the journey of Self Love. Coming from a life of having an eating disorder, depression and anxiety I now get to show people that i've made it to my happy place and how they can get here too. DANCING brings me the most joy so dancing to Whitney Houston with my labradoodle Henry on the lake was absoloutely a must. In a month I will be going on an adventure as well. As I move across the world to AUSTRALIA. I will be following Yasmin Nguyen along the way watching his journey online. As he inspires JOY across America. Follow his journey on facebook, instagram and His instagram is under: @thejoyfullivingproject Yasmin is self funding this project because his greatest passion is making this happen for all of us to watch. If you are interested in donating towards this project I know he would very appreciative. I am so blessed to have incredible people in my life such as Yasmin. Thank you for being YOU and doing the great work you bring into this world.


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